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What do I need to participate in a 1/100 regularity rally?


A valid PTI documents or roadworthiness test for historical vehicles plus paid liability insurance are required to participate. MWC offers two main categories – Classic (assembled before 1991) and Exclusive (assembled after 1992). In addition, separate categories may be opened, e.g. by the brand or type of vehicles.


A key factor. A reliable navigator with outstanding navigation skills is required for the crew to succeed. Accurate knowledge of the car dimensions is also crucial at 1/100 regularity rallies as it has a significant impact on the resulting time in accuracy tests (TP).


A navigation instrument obtained from the organizers at the registration. It contains key information about the route: distance of all route sections in kilometers, speed averages, tulip diagrams, navigation diagrams, accuracy test maps with distance and time required to complete the test.


Any stopwatch will do. There are no limitations in this regard. As the accuracy tests are measured in hundreds of a second, a mechanical stopwatch is an ideal. A separate category is usually opened for crews with mechanical stopwatches.

How to get to Velké Karlovice – the base of MWC

Velké Karlovice is easy to access from all directions. The map a tables below show approximate distances and drive times.


Ostrava 80 km (1:10 h)
Brno 155 km (2:10)
Praha 360 km (4:15)


Žilina 60 km (1:00 h)
Bratislava 225 km (2:30)
Košice 310 km (3:40)


Katowice 170 km (2:10 h)
Kraków 245 km (2:50)
Wrocław 320 km (3:30)


Wien 290 km (3:15 h)
Linz 490 km (4:55)
Salzburg 610 km (6:00)


Győr 300 km (3:10 h)
Eger 320 km (4:55)
Budapest 370 km (4:50)
Where Moravian Wallachia Classic takes place

Moravian Wallachia

The Beskydy mountains. Steep hills under the wood-covered ranges of the Javorník and Vsetín mountains. Meadows and pastures with traditional wooden log houses. A place where the folk traditions still thrive, accompanied by the song of sheep bells. A region as rough and pure as slivovitz, the famed local drink. That is Moravian Wallachia. Discover its beauty in a classic car. Experience the fun of the first 1/100 regularity rally in Moravia. Take part in the Moravian Wallachia Classic:

24 – 25 June 2022, Wellness hotel Lanterna, Velké Karlovice

An almost 500 km route with 12 measured tests

A video invitation to Vsetín

Vsetín is the gateway to the heart of Moravian Wallachia. A birthplace to many celebrities and a place with an unique atmosphere. The town authority decided to make Vsetín a main partner of the Moravian Wallachia Classic.

Have an exciting weekend in Wallachia. Arrive to Velké Karlovice in June and discover the magic of times past from behind the wheel of your classic car. Participate in the Moravian Wallachia Classic 2021.